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Re: continued acl problems

Greetings, L A Walsh!

> In all of these cases it appears that the problem is with directories.

> At first thought it was related to presence of 'TRUSTED USER'

> But I saw some 'flakeyness' on domain ID's,
> where I saw it display the correct text for them,
> but scrolling down to look for problems, and back up had the
> permissions dialog showing the raw numbers for my domain ID's, but
> scrolling again showed them as Domain\ID.

Do you have cygserver running?

> So that's something to consider -- if there is a momentary flake
> in the resolution, it might cause a prob....just tried those files
> again. the "tmp/05" and "tmp/51..."

> No errors.

> Did something else change besides these probs you looked at?

> I have to stress...I've never seen the Cannot_acl_to_text
> message before my reporting it a week or so ago....

> saw instances in use of 'tar' and 'rsync' at this point.

> I have seen similar messages out of rsync copying from a windows
> dir to a samba dir -- I figured local ID didn't exist on the
> remote samba dir.

> But have never seen it going between win-directories on the same
> machine...that's the new "problem", with current symptoms seeming
> to be limited to directories (maybe due to 2 acls)...

> Have never had these msgs going from win<->win on same
> machine.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Saturday, September 8, 2018 0:25:37

Sorry for my terrible english...

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