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continued acl problems

I'm now getting errors where I never got errors before --
this may be for the 'Trusted installer' user, or possibly
domain users that I

I tried copying files using tar|tar...I have a script
that I've tried to run daily (but only do it manually),
called 'daily_maint.sh'

Tries to recycle old archive and tmp files as well
as running disk cleanup.

The log shows several problems:
Moving old tmp files into Recycled/20180907133214
tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
tar: tmp/05F831D4-6E5E-407A-A6CA-16FF47DDD8AA/en-US: Warning: Cannot acl_from_text: Invalid argument tar: tmp/05F831D4-6E5E-407A-A6CA-16FF47DDD8AA: Warning: Cannot acl_from_text: Invalid argument tar: tmp/51DD5395-10EE-4A95-9552-6E319B83C2BF/en-US: Warning: Cannot acl_from_text: Invalid argument tar: tmp/51DD5395-10EE-4A95-9552-6E319B83C2BF: Warning: Cannot acl_from_text: Invalid argument
tar: tmp: Warning: Cannot acl_from_text: Invalid argument

In all of these cases it appears that the problem is with directories.

At first thought it was related to presence of 'TRUSTED USER'

But I saw some 'flakeyness' on domain ID's,
where I saw it display the correct text for them,
but scrolling down to look for problems, and back up had the
permissions dialog showing the raw numbers for my domain ID's, but
scrolling again showed them as Domain\ID.

So that's something to consider -- if there is a momentary flake
in the resolution, it might cause a prob....just tried those files
again. the "tmp/05" and "tmp/51..."

No errors.

Did something else change besides these probs you looked at?

I have to stress...I've never seen the Cannot_acl_to_text
message before my reporting it a week or so ago....

saw instances in use of 'tar' and 'rsync' at this point.

I have seen similar messages out of rsync copying from a windows
dir to a samba dir -- I figured local ID didn't exist on the
remote samba dir.

But have never seen it going between win-directories on the same
machine...that's the new "problem", with current symptoms seeming
to be limited to directories (maybe due to 2 acls)...

Have never had these msgs going from win<->win on same


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