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Re: Cygwin fails to utilize Unicode replacement character

On Tue, 4 Sep 2018 16:18:21, Thomas Wolff wrote:
My vote is against the patch because the nodef glyph will often be just blank space which is certainly worse than ▒. If conhost does not provide a reasonable way to enquire 0xFFFD availability it's conhost's fault, not cygwin's so why should cygwin implement a bad compromise. If conhost ever improves, cygwin can adapt.

This is some dangerous commentary. I would like to counter it now with some
actual research. Using BabelMap:


You can do "Fonts", "Font Coverage" and you will get this result with code point

   yes: DejaVu Sans Mono

   - Consolas
   - Courier New
   - Lucida Console
   - MS Gothic
   - NSimSun
   - SimSun-ExtB

This is concerning true, but we can then review the ".notdef glyph" for the
problem fonts. As this glyph is not an actual character, i cant paste it here,
but i will describe them below:

   empty rectangle:
   - Courier New
   - Lucida Console
   - MS Gothic
   - SimSun-ExtB

   rectangle with a question mark inside: Consolas

   none: NSimSun

Note that I did not include "Raster Fonts", as it doesnt even allow multibyte

   $ printf '\xC2\xA1\n'
   sh: printf: write error: Permission denied

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