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Re: Bug Report: Regression in Cygwin 2.11.0-1

On Sep  1 09:56, Andreas Hauptmann wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Sep 2018 01:24:49 +0000
> Bryan Phelps wrote:
> > I'll continue to look around for a more minimal repro,
> The normalization of paths with backslashes has changed.
> The following doesn't work any longer:
>     cd /tmp
>     stat "..\bin\file.exe" # or
>     stat "..\\bin\\file.exe"
> This however still works:
>     stat "C:\cygwin\bin\file.exe"

I know where the problem is.  A new piece of code fixing a crash due to
a buffer underflow is too aggressively guarding the path buffer against
this underflow when normalizing ".." in Win32 paths.

I'll fix this and release a 2.11.1 soon, but I still have a question:

Why do I push out test releases if nobody cares?

In terms of this OCAML build system problem:

Please fix your build system.  Do not mix POSIX and Win32 paths, use
POSIX paths only.  Backslashes are *no* drop-in replacement for slashes.
Some of the path handling is seriously crippled as soon as you start
using backslashes, and that's a delipberate decision and won't change,
even after fixing the aforementioned bug.


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