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RE: FW: gecko Segmentation fault when compiling

> I uninstalled and deleted the entire cygwin64 directory and 
> reinstalled using the defaults. The download time was much shorter but 
> I still can't compile anything with the C compiler even with no anti-virus

Base cygwin installation is a POSIX userspace and essential Cygwin tools, it
does not include any compilers at all, quite predictable.

> I'm surprised the default installation doesn't include make or dir.h.

Why it should?

Why? Because from a Windows perspective it seems like the whole purpose of
Cygwin is to be able to 
compile source code to run under Windows. It should include the tools to do
that in the default setup.

> Adding make was no problem but it took me a while to find a package 
> that contains dir.h.

I think we need a "build-essential" metapackage.

Exactly! I'm primarily a Windows programmer. I only compile Linux and Unix
programs when I have no other choice
and I certainly don't know all the ins and outs of those OSes. Anything that
makes Cygwin easier for Windows programmers is welcome!

Tom L

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