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Re: libmpi_cxx.dll.a missing

On 28/08/2018 12:12, Marco Atzeri wrote:
Am 28.08.2018 um 11:24 schrieb Antonio Pio Rinaldi:

while trying to compile a code with cmake (GNU compiler 7.4 and cmake 3.6, latest cygwin), I got an error regarding mpicxx not being able to locate the library -lmpi_cxx. This was kind of weird, as I had installed the same code in another machine some time ago (with GNU compiler 6.4 and cmake 3.3, cygwin version 2.8) and did not have this issue.

Then by navigating to the cygwin lib folder, I noticed that the file libmpi_cxx.dll.a was missing in the latest version (although the package Libs/libopenmpicxx1 seems to be installed).

After copying the library file from the previous version I am able to correctly install my code.

I am not sure whether this is a bug, or if I have to set up something else to let cygwin install the mpicxx library.

Antonio Pio Rinaldi

The C++ interface was removed on the upstream version of OpenMPI.

The suggested solution is to use the C interface

I believe OpenMPI now has a configuration option, --enable-mpi-cxx, which enables these deprecated interfaces to be built.

I was going to ask you if not using that was a deliberate choice, since this also breaks a meson test case.

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