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Animation video for your company

Good day to you.

My name is Adam Milton I am with " Inovit" animation studio.

 Here in "Inovit", we are helping to explain and advertise companies
services/product to their potential   customers by creating professional 2d
animation explainer videos.

Our analytical team has been making researches on the internet and public
resources to find companies that potentially could increase their number of
customers by using 2D animation explainer videos on their website, blog,
emails and social media.

And you’re one of the companies we think that could benefit from an
explainer video.

Could you direct me to the right person to talk to about this, so we can
explore if this would be something valuable to your business?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Adam Milton

  PS: If you are not interested in our services at all, just reply with "
Not interested".

       Thank you for your time and have a great day =)

Best Regards
Adam Milton, Team leader
187 E. Warm Springs Rd. Suite B398
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, USA
skype: inovit_order
Tel: +18882748845; code: 02

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