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Fw: failure notice


Many thanks, TW, for your hint. I have "solved" the problem, but I do not
understand why it works! I took time to test it for a few days to make
sure that things were ok. Hence the slow response. If I had only also

included my prompt in the original email, I think that you would have
caught the error at once. My oversight.

Thomas Wolff wrote:>>

Please test the following:

* Set you prompt to some basic string, e.g. PS1=%. Does that change 

anything?* Mintty 2.7.5 changed the default wraparound behaviour to become
compatible with the xterm default. With setting -o OldWrapModes=true,
does that change anything?* Can you cross-test this in xterm?

* Does it happen in a freshly-started mintty? If it only happens later,
which programs did you run in the meantime?* Make a screen log demonstrating
a minimal test case, please.


Trying the minimal prompt that you suggested, I did not have any terminal
problems.And then building up the prompt, but eschewing colour, I still did
not have probelms.That convinced me that, just as the webpage I quoted in
my original email suggested, the problem lay in the (incorrect!) escape
sequences to turn the prompts green.

My prompt, that I just copied off the internet was

      PS1="\e[1;32m\]\h \! $ \[\e[0m\] "

This is the cause of the problems. After a lot of hunting, I found another:

      PS1="\[\e[1;32m\]\h \! $ \[\e[0m\] "

And this works just fine!

The real issues is that I still have no real clue on how these escape
sequences work!! I read several pages that talk about how to get various
esoteric prmpts but none parses out the individual functional pieces. For
me, it is a case of "monkey see, monkey do".

Thanks again, TW.

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