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Re: speeding up a paste operation

On 8/24/18, James Darnley wrote:
> On 2018-08-25 01:30, Lee wrote:
>> In retrospect, I should have created the file some other way, but still..
>> - grab the top 1M hosts from from
>> http://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/umbrella-static/index.html
>> - open w/ libreoffice
>> - select the host name column, right click & select copy (all 1 million
>> lines)
>> - (mintty 2.9.0 window already open) vi /tmp/hosts
>> - i  (get into insert mode)
>> - right click (which I have set to "paste")
>> data is still scrolling by & it's not even up to 100K lines yet :(
>> Is there some way to make a paste operation faster in mintty (or vim
>> or whatever the slowpoke is)?
> There's a utility called getclip which put the clipboard onto stdout.
> Direct that into a file and you should get the same result, excluding
> Vim's indentation.  Probably doesn't use the tty in anyway.

Is getclip different from
  cat > /tmp/hosts
  <right-click to paste in the 1M lines>

at least 'cat > /tmp/hosts' that goes faster than I can read.  But
while that's running I can open notepad, paste the 1M lines in there,
save to \cygwin\tmp\doshosts, open another mintty window & dos2unix
/tmp/doshosts -- all that before the <right-click paste> finishes :(


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