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Cygwin setup (x86_64 - v2.893) : listed of packages selected ignored

 Hi all,

 When I try to use Cygwin setup by specifying list of package to download,
all of them are ignored.

 I'm using -P option line this:

 setup-x86_64_2.893.exe -v -d -N -n -D -B -g -A -a x86_64 -p
http://appgw.fcomp.com:80 -P a2ps ,attr ,base-cygwin ,base-files ,bash
,bash-completion ,binutils ,chere ,coreutils ,crypt ,cygutils
,cygutils-extra ,cygwin ,dos2unix ,doxygen ,doxygen-doxywizard ,findutils
,fort77 ,freetds ,gawk ,gcc-core ,gcc-fortran ,gcc-g++ ,gdb ,ghostscript
,git ,gnuplot ,graphviz ,grep ,gzip ,hostname ,make ,man-db ,man-pages-posix
,mintty ,openssh ,pcre ,p7zip ,perl ,perl-Carp ,perl-Data-Dump
,perl-DateTime ,perl-DateTime-Locale ,perl-DateTime-TimeZone
,perl-Encode-Locale ,perl-File-Listing ,perl-File-Which ,perl-Gtk2
,perl-IO-HTML ,perl-IO-String ,perl-JSON ,perl-libwww-perl ,perl-libxml-perl
,perl-Test-Warnings ,perl-TimeDate ,perl-Tk ,perl-Tk-Canvas-GradientColor
,perl-Tk-ColoredButton ,perl-Tk-EntryCheck ,perl-Tk-Getopt ,perl-Tk-Pod
,perl-Win32 ,perl-Win32-GUI ,perl-XML-DOM ,perl-XML-LibXML
,perl-XML-LibXML-Simple ,perl-XML-LibXSLT ,perl-XML-NamespaceSupport
,perl-XML-Parser ,perl-XML-RegExp ,perl-XML-SAX ,perl-XML-SAX-Base
,perl-XML-SAX-Expat ,perl-XML-Simple ,perl-XML-Writer ,perl-XML-XPath
,perl_autorebase ,perl_base ,perl_manpages ,perl_pods ,ping ,pkg-config
,poppler ,putty ,python ,python3 ,python3-pip ,python3-asn1crypto
,python3-cython ,python3-devel ,python3-setuptools ,python3-nose
,python3-wheel ,python3-tkinter ,python-jinja2 ,freetds ,freetds-devel
,libpng ,libpng16 ,libpng16-devel ,libpng-devel ,libopenblas ,liblapack0
,liblapack-devel ,libfreetype-devel ,libfreetype6 ,libsybdb-devel ,rsh ,sed
,subversion ,subversion-tools ,tar ,tcl ,tcl-tk ,tcl-tk-devel ,tcl-devel
,tcsh ,time ,tzcode ,unzip ,vim ,vim-common ,vim-minimal ,xorg ,xpdf ,which
,zip ,zlib ,xhost ,xinit ,xlaunch ,xfree86 ,xorg-server ,libX11-devel,xinit
 -R C:/cygwin_2_10_0r4_prodlight -l C:/temp -s http://mirror.checkdomain.de

where is the issue?

Thanks in advance for you help,

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