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Problem with installing Cygwin/X on Windows 10 PC: no icon created

Dear All,

I have been trying multiple times to install Cygwin/X on my Windows 10 PC using setup-x86_64.exe and as an administrator. Even though the installation was shown to be successful, there was NO Cygwin-X icons such as XLaunch/Xwin Server icons created either on Desktop or Start menu. I have followed the installation instructions precisely and read through many posts about installation of Cygwin/X, but couldn't find any solutions.

To give some more background: I have been installing Cygwin and Cygwin/X many times on different windows PCs and never had such a problem before. On this Windows 10 PC, the Cgywin64 Terminal was installed successfully and is running properly. But Cygwin/X does seem to be installed properly.
Any suggestions will be high appreciated.

Best regards,

Zuowei Wang
University of Reading, UK

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