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Re: Self-compiled xorg-server 1.20.0 crashes at startup, buffer overflow

On 30/07/2018 16:33, tumtum00 wrote:
after building xorg-server 1.20.0 without errors, the XWin binary crashes at startup due to a buffer overflow. XWin 1.20.0 from Cygwin repos works as expected.

- Freshly installed Win7 x86_64 VM
- Cygwin x86_64
- Dependencies installed as described in https://x.cygwin.com/docs/cg/prog-build-prerequisites.html, plus xcb-composite-devel

Thanks for pointing out this oversight.  I will amend the documentation.

- Applied the following patches to my Cygwin environment, otherwise the build would fail:
- Downloaded patched xorg-server 1.20.0-2 sources as described in https://x.cygwin.com/docs/cg/prog-obtaining-source.html, "Obtaining via Cygwin setup"

   $ cygport --64 xorg-server.cygport prep
   $ cygport --64 xorg-server.cygport compile

XWin binary
is then executed.

The `--buildtype=debug` option was added to `cygmeson` in `xorg-server.cygport` to generate the attached reports.

I'm out of ideas on how to continue debugging this. Help would be much appreciated.

I tried to reproduce this problem by following these steps, but the produced executable works ok for me.

#7  0x000000018017e7e9 in __chk_fail () at /usr/src/debug/cygwin-2.10.0-1/newlib/libc/ssp/chk_fail.c:11
        msg = "*** buffer overflow detected ***: terminated\n"
#8  0x000000018018c1c3 in __memcpy_chk (dst=0x60008e570, src=0x45, len=0, slen=0) at /usr/src/debug/cygwin-2.10.0-1/newlib/libc/ssp/memcpy_chk.c:48

This is a wrapper around memcpy, which is being used as we are building with _FORTIFY_SOURCE

I'd suggest setting a breakpoint on this line (after installing the cygwin-debuginfo package for relevant debug info) and trying to understand why it's not succeeding.

No locals.
#9  0x00000001004b80d5 in RRConfigureOutputProperty (output=output@entry=0x60008e570, property=<optimized out>, pending=pending@entry=0, range=range@entry=0,
    immutable=immutable@entry=0, num_values=num_values@entry=2, values=values@entry=0x10059f4b0 <values>) at ../randr/rrproperty.c:385
        prop = 0x60008cff0
        add = <optimized out>
        new_values = 0x60008e650
#10 0x00000001004b682e in RROutputCreate (pScreen=pScreen@entry=0x60008bff0, name=name@entry=0x100586942 <__func__.9648+722> "default", nameLength=nameLength@entry=7,
    devPrivate=devPrivate@entry=0x0) at ../randr/rroutput.c:120
        values = {0, 1}
        output = 0x60008e570
        outputs = <optimized out>
        nonDesktopAtom = <optimized out>
#11 0x000000010040c11b in winRandRInit (pScreen=pScreen@entry=0x60008bff0) at ../hw/xwin/winrandr.c:256
        crtc = 0x60008e240
        output = <optimized out>

Jon Turney
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