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Re: Self-compiled xorg-server 1.20.0 crashes at startup, buffer overflow

On 30 July 2018 6:07 PM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> what about doing also "install package" and properly install the
> resulting binary ?

I'm having trouble doing it the right way: setup.exe won't recognise/list anything under
and I don't find a detailed documentation to go from `cygport package` to actually installing the generated packages.

So I tried 2 things:
  - manually unpacking the generated packages, moving the binaries into place an applying the post-install scripts by hand
  - copying the `inst/` contents to the cygwin root (setting the `DESTDIR` envvar didn't seem to have any effect on `cygport install`)

Still the same crash in both cases.

That said, from the docs at "Running a local build" in
it shouldn't be necessary to install it into the system, right?

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