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Re: Cygwin X applications do not launch

Am 30.07.2018 um 10:23 schrieb Jones, Michael:
Yes, xterm, uxterm and Cygwin terminal all run ok.

I don't see any output at all from "strace -o gedit.strace /usr/bin/gedit":

I assume you run it from xterm and not mintty, correct ?

Can you send me the gedit.strace by private mail ?

me@mycomputer <mailto:me@mycomputer> ~
$ strace -o gedit.strace /usr/bin/gedit

me@mycomputer <mailto:me@mycomputer> ~

I have attached the output from cygcheck (note that I have edited the
file to remove project and server names, replaced by "xxx").

fine. I have not seen anything strange on it.
What AntiVirus are you running ?


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