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Re: needed : building instruction of newlib under window 10 cygwin32 or cygwin64ls

Shen, Chang (MSFC-EV43) wrote:
Hi Mark:


It works now.  Only after I did below to filter out anything from windows path.  I guess something was used other than cygwin's tools.

export path=/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:

That would certainly explain some of your difficulties :). I'm not sure how you set up your Cygwin environment. But usually, the setup*.exe program one gets from the project's home page https://cygwin.com takes care of everything.

In your replay, you did not run make in cygwin.  Instead going to newlib to run make.  Is this because we already has cygwin?
I went up one level to in src folder and run make.  It builds.  But this step is not needed, right?

It depends on what you want to build :-). You originally said you wanted to build newlib, so I provided steps for that. If you build in the topmost build directory, then all of the Cygwin DLL and Cygwin support programs are built. (Not Cygwin-hosted packages. Those are built separately.) All Cygwin programs and the Cygwin DLL itself use newlib as their C runtime library, because they don't use glibc like Linux programs do.

So, for example, if you were developing or debugging something in the Cygwin DLL, you'd build at the top level. But if you only need newlib, you can build just that. But that only works if you configure at top build level then configure at newlib level.



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