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Re: needed : building instruction of newlib under window 10 cygwin32 or cygwin64ls

Replying to myself to correct things...

Mark Geisert wrote:
Shen, Chang (MSFC-EV43) wrote:
Hi All

Can anyone provide me with a step-by-step instruction to build newlib under
window10 cygwin32 or cygwin64?
Such as tool chain and environment settings.  I googled and could not find it.

I should read better. I see so many "how to build Cygwin" questions I read yours as another one. You're doing something different. Here's what works:

    cd /opt    (for example)
    mkdir build install
    ln -s your-source-directory src

    cd build   (so you're in /opt/build)
    /opt/src/configure --prefix=/opt/install -v
    mkdir newlib

    cd newlib  (so you're in /opt/build/newlib)
    /opt/src/newlib/configure --prefix=/opt/install/newlib -v

That will create libm.a, libg.a, and libc.a in /opt/build/newlib.


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