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Cygwin X applications do not launch

I have a fresh install of Cygwin, with Cygwin X.
The problem I have is that X applications do not seem to run.

If I try to run gedit or emacs, for example, the applications seem to just return 0 immediately:
me@mycomputer ~
$ gedit &
[1] 10244

me@mycomputer ~
$ emacs &
[2] 10976
[1]   Done                    gedit

Similarly, if I try to start either of these applications from the X Applications Menu on the taskbar, they don't launch.
The Cygwin log file shows the following, indicating that the application started, and then exited straight away:

(xwin-xdg-menu:13896): GVFS-WARNING **: Error creating proxy: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gtk.vfs.Daemon: Timeout was reached (g-io-error-quark, 24)

executing 'xterm -title '/home/me/.xsession-errors' -e less +F /home/me/.xsession-errors', pid 8080
(pid 8080 stderr) xterm: cannot load font "-Misc-Fixed-bold-R-*-*-13-120-75-75-C-120-ISO10646-1"
executing 'gapplication launch org.gnome.gedit', pid 9288
pid 9288 exited with status 0

Any ideas? It's driving me nuts! I've tried a fresh install of Cygwin, with the same results.

Many thanks,

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