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Re: binutils-2.29-1 Dwarf Error

Am 25.07.2018 um 15:26 schrieb Marco Atzeri:
just noted the "Dwarf Error" is back for i686
$ nm -l a.exe | grep Dwarf
nm: Dwarf Error: Could not find abbrev number 45.

The main issue I have is not the emission of the Error,
that seems limited to just 1 per shared lib,
but that the i686 version of "objdump" and "nm"
are extremely slower than the x86_64 counterparts.

The octave package is VERY large, and
the i686 unstripped main libs are huge in size:

$ find build -name "cyg*.dll" -exec ls -sh {} \;
120M build/libgui/.libs/cygoctgui-3.dll
491M build/libinterp/.libs/cygoctinterp-5.dll
175M build/liboctave/.libs/cygoctave-5.dll

the x86_64 are further slightly larger, but
 the time are still reasonable:

$ time cygport octave.cygport install package

real    22m29.962s
user    10m43.475s
sys     8m54.506s

while on i686 with binutils 2.91

real    246m28.556s
user    205m6.625s
sys     10m9.928s

I built and tried the 2.31 with some reduction in time
but still 8x longer than x86_64

real    167m8.635s
user    155m20.340s
sys     9m53.940s


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