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Re: NEW DEFECT: Basic cygwin Update Fails to Complete

On 2018-07-25 13:13, Hans-Bernhard Bröker wrote:
> Am 25.07.2018 um 20:50 schrieb Brian Inglis:
>> If you use a Cygwin shell you can see /usr/{bin,lib}/, etc.; if you use a
>> Windows shell you can not.
> That's got nothing to do with the shell. It only depends on whether the 
> program that does the "seeing" is a cygwin-based one or not. From a plain 
> CMD.exe:

That was just an example to illustrate why the OP's view may differ from yours
without being incorrect, just not totally accurate as described without
assumptions defined.
As long as an OP can describe the gist of an issue, please give yourself and OPs
a break about terminology they may have little interest in, other than to get a
job done, whether for professional or personal reasons.

The previous (elided) sentence showed awareness that the implementation is as
"mount points under Cygwin processes."

[It's funny for me to see such ardently binary attitudes towards various layers
of digital models of implementations, which are based on the probabilities of
manufacturing, electron mobility, weak magnetic signal detection, and software
which doesn't suck! Should be a Cygwin/FOSS motto. ;^> ]

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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