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Re: libsqlite3-devel install uninstalls openssl-devel just to install again??

Am 21.07.2018 um 21:22 schrieb Takashi Yano:
On Sat, 21 Jul 2018 14:44:57 -0400
cyg Simple wrote:
Uninstall openssl-devel 1.0.2o-1 (automatically added)
Install libsqlite3-devel 3.21.0-1
Install openssl-devel 1.0.2o-1

I can't reproduce this.

$ cygcheck -c openssl-devel
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version        Status
openssl-devel        1.0.2o-1       OK

Then installing libsqlite3-devel says just:
Install libsqlite3-devel 3.21.0-1

that is expected as the only dependency is

  requires: libsqlite3_0

Ken's hypothesis is the most likely: setup was asked to
re-install openssl-devel

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