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Re: BASH 4.4 mapfile/readarray/read builtins mis-behaving with pipe [edit] documentation bug

On 07/17/2018 08:52 PM, BloomingAzaleas wrote:
Reply to Steven Penny <svnpenn at gmail dot com>:

    no mis-behaving: this is intended behavior - you yourself have given
   workarounds: either redirect output to a file that can be later read, or pipe to
    command grouping ala {} or () and read stdin from inside the subshell

I suggest the following adjustment to the man pages inserting a parenthetical cue regards behavior in pipes:

Is the behavior you are complaining about unique to Cygwin, or can it be reproduced on a GNU/Linux box? If the latter, then an upstream bug report is better than asking for a cygwin-specific patch. [Hint - as the maintainer of the cygwin bash port, I don't recall adding any cygwin-specific tweaks for mapfile - and a quick test on Fedora shows the same behaviors]

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