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Re: fork issue on Cygwin x86_64 2.10.0-1

> On 7/19/2018 9:25 PM, Tatsuro MATSUOKA wrote:
>>  cygwin1.dll 2.10.0-1
>>  At log in bash cygwin does not work due to the below
>>    0 [main] bash 9888 child_info_fork::abort: 
> C:\cygwin64\bin\cygncursesw-10.dll: Loaded to different address: 
> parent(0x80000) != child(0x150000)
>>  I execute setup_x86_64.exe, execute autorebase.dash and reboot PC but the 
> problem was not solved.
>>  Any suggestions?
>>  Tatsuro
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> From: Heavenly Avenger 
> To: cygwin
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> Date: 2018/7/20, Fri 09:38
> Subject: Re: fork issue on Cygwin x86_64 2.10.0-1
>t he rebaseall sometimes do not work because files are lock()ed by windows. So 
> triple, no, quadruple check you have all cygwin processes stopped, including 
> possible "cygrunsv" services, before you even let it play with 
> autorebase.
> You can run again the cygsetup and make it reinstall the offending package, so 
> that it runs rebase to it -- but it would be for naught if you still have stuff 
> locking the rebased packages.
> This issue is really the thorn by cygwin's side for a long time... always, 
> maybe?
> I wonder if this address limitation was just a "quick implementation" 
> to be able to interface unix system calls to windows, or if it really is 
> impossible to have cygwin's memory allocation be able to dynamically 
> allocate stuff around the system without the need to reserve those base 
> addresses and avoid conflicts, etc.

I executed reinstall on Cygwin setup, the issue was solved.



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