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Re: wmctrl not working with cygwin-x and no root window

On 17/07/2018 17:16, Gulliver Smith wrote:
Latest cygwin on Windows 10.

% wmctrl -l
Cannot get client list properties.

I'm running cygwin x with no root window to better integrate with my
windows desktop.

I'm guessing that this error is due to the fact that there is no root
window so the C code doesn't have an object that has a

No, the root window exists, you just can't see it.

(If you untick the "Hide Root Window" option on the tray menu after you've launched some clients you should be able to see what's going on.)

Unfortunately, the integrated WM used in multiwindow mode doesn't support these EWMH hints. (what EWMH support there is has been added on a rather ad-hoc basis)

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