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Re: How to Setup Multiple System Distro Manpages

On 7/14/2018 10:50 PM, Brian Inglis wrote:
Hi folks,
I've installed a few WSL distros for comparison and downloaded a bunch of other
manpage sets and unpacked them:
$ l src/man/*[0-9].tar.gz
src/man/CentOS_7.1.tar.gz          src/man/NetBSD_7.1.tar.gz
src/man/Darwin_7.0.1.tar.gz        src/man/OpenBSD_6.2.tar.gz
src/man/Debian_8.1.0.tar.gz        src/man/Red_Hat_Linux_i386_9.tar.gz
src/man/FreeBSD_12.tar.gz          src/man/SunOS_5.10.tar.gz
src/man/FreeBSD_Ports_11.1.tar.gz  src/man/SuSE_Linux_i386_11.3.tar.gz
src/man/HP-UX_11.22.tar.gz         src/man/X11_R7.4.tar.gz

$ l /proc/cygdrive/c/usr/local/share/man/
cat1/          debian@                      man1p/  mann/           SunOS-5.10/
cat3/          Debian-8.1.0/                man2/   netbsd@         suse@
cat5/          freebsd@                     man3/   NetBSD-7.1/     SuSE-11.3/
cat7/          FreeBSD-12-current/          man3p/  openbsd@        ubuntu@
cat8/          FreeBSD-ports-11.1-RELEASE/  man4/   OpenBSD-6.2/    x@
centos@        hpux@                        man5/   ports@          X11R7.4/
CentOS-7.1/    HP-UX-11.22/                 man6/   redhat@
darwin@        man0p/                       man7/   RedHat-9-i386/
Darwin-7.0.1/  man1/                        man8/   solaris@

but despite reading docs, adding links and changing configs, I'm unable to get
man/-db to access these with or without the -m system switch.

I know I must be missing some essential point, but searching has not come up
with anything to help me fix this.

Has anyone here set this up and can suggest an approach that will work?

In addition to the other answers; maybe exporting those directories in the 'PATH' env variable...

John Doe

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