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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.9.0

Thomas Wolff writes:
> Andrey quoted how he configures 'screen'; can you show the relevant part
> of 'tmux' configuration please?

It's not configured at all, just called through a script.  As part of
the SSH invocation (through mosh) I set the terminal to screen-256color
and start screen on the remote end.

> Wasn't sure but got the idea now; however, this will not work as the
> menu implementation only allows to select an item, not to interact. It
> could only go into the Options dialog, then. Not sure whether that's
> desirable, considering that the Options dialog has always been kept
> small, still by Andy's design approach.

That's probably not worth the trouble, but if it's not too much trouble
to leave a hint in the extended context menu why the log can't be
activated (like "no filename configured") that would be nice.

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