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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.9.0

Am 03.07.2018 um 22:15 schrieb Achim Gratz:
Thomas Wolff writes:
As I cannot reproduce the exact scenario, I don't see yet where/how
you set TERM=screen-256color and when the cursor would switch.
Also I notice that the xterm-256color entry is missing the Co entry
(which is likely what you want), strange.
I need to set this in a script that starts up a bunch of mosh sessions
across my servers at work.  I nest screen (on the remote side) into tmux
(local side), mostly in order to be sure the escape keys are different.
One day I might move to nested tmux sessions once I figure out how to
reliably switch to a different escape in the second level tmux.
Andrey quoted how he configures 'screen'; can you show the relevant part
of 'tmux' configuration please?

Such issues could also be discussed in the mintty chat
Since github requires an account for that I will have to decline.
I see the point.

As mintty has always used a configured log file name (unlike xterm
using a fixed pattern), the absence of one would be a design problem.
THe idea was that if no file name was configured (or the wrong one), you
could set one from the extended config dialog so that it is then
possible to enable logging.
Wasn't sure but got the idea now; however, this will not work as the
menu implementation only allows to select an item, not to interact. It
could only go into the Options dialog, then. Not sure whether that's
desirable, considering that the Options dialog has always been kept
small, still by Andy's design approach.

I know I raised the idea, but having thought again, this could imply
that a lot of settings might be markable as "fixed",
including all mode settings, character set settings, and others, to
avoid accidentally confused settings for one or the other person.
I'm hesitating to take a step into such a direction.
Well, a more sustainable strategy would perhaps be to make the supported
feature set configurable, maybe like sort of a theme file.  That file
might even become self-documenting.
What I see feasible is one additional config parameter, not a new
mechanism. Maybe only covering DECSET features, with something like


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