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Re: Entry point not found issues with cygwin DLLs

On 7/2/2018 3:08 PM, Heavenly Avenger wrote:
I'm having hard times with cygwin here, random libraries stop working once I update or install new ones.

This can happen if you update a package without updating its dependencies. For example, the dependency might have introduced a new API.

If I run ssh with 'strace' ('strace ssh'), it pops up a windows dialog saying:

'the procedure entry point __memcpy_chk could not be located

It is in cygwin1.dll as of cygwin-2.10; see https://cygwin.com/cygwin-ug-net/ov-new.html.

cygwin's dll is: cygwin1.dll file version: 2008.0.0.0, version: 2.8.0.

You need to update the cygwin package. For best results, you should update all of your installed packages to their current versions. (If you're running setup with the --packages option to update or install certain packages, then it's a good idea to also use the --upgrade-also option.)


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