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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.9.0

I have uploaded mintty 2.9.0 with the following changes:

Highlights (details see below)
  * Background image and texture support.
  * Enhanced multi-monitor DPI handling.
  * Underline styles and colours, CMYK colour specifications.
  * Outer scrollbar mode, xterm-compatible.
  * Enhanced text selection mouse support.
  * Enhanced quick window switching.
  * Tweaked start error handling.
  * Tweaked WSL support.

Character attributes and rendering
  * Support for colon-separated SGR sub-parameters (ISO/IEC 8613-6) (xterm 282):   * SGR escapes for ISO/IEC 8613-6 RGB, CMY, CMYK, and indexed colour formats.
  * DECRQSS uses SGR sub-parameters for colour specifications (xterm 331).
  * SGR 4:1...4:5 for underline styles solid, double, wavy, dotted, dashed.
  * SGR 58/59 for underline colour (kitty, iTerm2).
  * Fixed (almost) selection highlighting of emojis.
  * Drawing Unicode Block Elements which are broken in many fonts (#264).
  * Fixed initial bold as font suppression glitch (mintty/wsltty#103).

Window control
  * DECSET 30 to enable/disable outer scrollbar (like xterm) (#159, ~#262).
  * DECSET 1046 enables/disables alternate screen switching (xterm 331).
  * Cursor style modes DECSET 12 (AT&T 610) (xterm 331) and SM 33/34 (Wyse).

  * Fixed scrollbar toggle (Ctrl+Shift+O) from forcing scrollbar to the right.
  * Preventing font zooming after scrollbar toggle (Ctrl+Shift+O).

Window layout
  * Background image or texture support (#18, #666).

Multi-monitor support
  * Using Windows DPI handling V2, avoiding fluttering (#774, #470, #492, ~#566, ~#547).

Text selection
  * Drag-and-drop selection after focus click enabled by combined cell and time distance (#717).   * Only suppress focus-click selection if focus reporting disabled or mouse reporting not effective (#717).
  * Ctrl+mouse-move hovering underlines URLs and filenames (#173).
  * Selection highlighting can also indicate selection size (#660).

Window handling
  * Revised Ctrl+(Shift+)Tab window switching (#773).
  * Ctrl+Ctrl+(Shift+)Tab for window switching including iconized windows (#735).   * Win+Shift move coupling of tab sets if SessionGeomSync ≥ 2 (#600, #699).

  * CMY(K) colour specifications in OSC sequences and config file.
  * Option Background and OSC 11 to set background image or texture (#18, #666).
  * Option SelectionShowSize to enable selection size indication (#660).

Themes management
  * Fixed syntax error in `mintheme` tool (#764).
  * Option `mintheme -d -q` for decimal colour format (#718).
  * Supporting `mintheme` tool on WSL.
  * Options `mintheme -p` and `mintheme -t` to set background picture or texture.   * Options `mintheme -s` and `mintheme -S` for theme visualization and comparison.

  * Updated Emoji data and built-in width data to Unicode 11.0.
  * Enabled OSC 7 current directory injection for Ctrl+click in WSL (mintty/wsltty#104).
  * Reporting start error (exit status 255) (#745).
  * Changed start error exit code from 255 to 126 (#745).
  * Fixed slowdown of Character Info mode if Unicode data are not deployed.
  * Option --WSLmode to tune behaviour for WSL distro but not launch (mintty/wsltty#99).   * Clarified additional configuration requirements for option TaskCommands in the manual.

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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