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Re: Fork issue on W10 WOW

Marco Atzeri writes:
> on a new W10 HP Laptop, the 32 bit installation always fails
> on postinstallation scripts that use perl.

Please check if that installation has activated the option of forcing
ASLR on everything (even if explicitly marked non-ASRL aware).

> It is not due to an Antivirus as after testing two I tested without
> any one installed and the outcome is unchanged.

Certain stuff previously done in Defender or EMET (which is phased out
for Win10) is now built into Windows and so can no longer be

> The 64bit installation seems fine.
> Suggestion ?
> Until I have the 32bit running I can not deploy any new package, as
> the previous W7 is retired.

If all else fails, try a VHD installation or VM with Server 2016 LTSB

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