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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] icu 62.1-1

On 6/22/2018 4:42 PM, Stefan Weil wrote:
Am 22.06.2018 um 19:02 schrieb Ken Brown:
The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* libicu62-62.1-1
* libicu-devel-62.1-1
* icu-doc-62.1-1

ICU is a mature, widely used set of C/C++ and Java libraries providing
Unicode and Globalization support for software applications.  ICU is
widely portable and gives applications the same results on all
platforms and between C/C++ and Java software.

This is an update to the latest upstream release.

Ken Brown
Cygwin's ICU maintainer

Hi Ken,

thank you for your work.

It would be great to get a similar update for the mingw64-i686-icu and
mingw64-x86_64-icu packages, too. Those packages are still based on icu
57, so rather out of date.

See https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2018-06/msg00222.html for more reasons.

Yaakov is the maintainer of those packages. I'm sure he has seen your report.


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