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Re: Can't delete cyglsa64.dll

On Jun 19 09:07, Csaba Raduly wrote:
> Hi Luke,
> On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 5:01 AM, Luke Miner  wrote:
> > Thanks for the advice. Can you point me to a resource for how to unregister
> > it?
> >
> http://bfy.tw/3Tb4

That's not helpful as far as cyglsa is concerned since this DLL isn't
registered the usual way.  It's a LSA plugin DLL, which gets added to
a LSA-specific registry key.

To "unregister" the cyglsa DLL, you have to manually remove it from
this registry key and reboot.  Only after that you can remove the DLL.

Check out the /usr/bin/cyglsa-config file for the actual registry key
((line 70).


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