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Re: [bug: csih] Setting privileged rights to cyg_server fails on Windows 7.

On Jun 13 22:49, Takashi Yano wrote:
> Hi,
> I have found that iu-config of inetutils package fails to set
> the privileged rights to cyg_server on Windows 7 if the machine
> is not domain member.
> I looked into this problem, and found that this is the problem
> of csih package.
> In other words, csih expects environment variable LOGONSERVER
> is set, but it is not set on Windows 7 without domain.

There's something fishy in your environment.  The variable LOGONSERVER
is always set in Windows NT, at least since NT4.  For standalone
machines LOGONSERVER is set to "\\<machinename>".  You should really
try to find out why LOGONSERVER isn't set for you.


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