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Re: running self compiled 32 bit binary on 64 bit Windows?

On 2018-06-08 07:42, Ulli Horlacher wrote:
> On Wed 2018-06-06 (16:12), cyg Simple wrote:
>>> On Windows 7 32 bit I have compiled some binaries by myself.
>> Help us help you by giving us how you compiled these and with what set
>> of tools.
> jed comes with a BIG makefile.
> When I start it, it outputs:
> /sw/src/jed-0.99.20-116: make
> cd src; make jed
> make[1]: Entering directory '/sw/src/jed-0.99.20-116/src'
> gcc -O -I/sw/cygwin-7_32/slang-2.3.1-88/include -L/sw/cygwin-7_32/slang-2.3.1-88/lib   -DSLANG_DLL=1 -Dunix -DJED  -I/sw/cygwin-7_32/slang-2.3.1-88/include  /sw/src/jed-0.99.20-116/src/chkslang.c -o /sw/src/jed-0.99.20-116/src/objs/chkslang   -L/sw/cygwin-7_32/slang-2.3.1-88/lib -lslang    -lutil  -lm -ldl
> if /sw/src/jed-0.99.20-116/src/objs/chkslang jed 20203 ;\
> then exit 0; else rm -f /sw/src/jed-0.99.20-116/src/objs/chkslang; exit 1; fi
> cd /sw/src/jed-0.99.20-116/src/objs; gcc -c -O -I/sw/cygwin-7_32/slang-2.3.1-88/include -L/sw/cygwin-7_32/slang-2.3.1-88/lib   -DSLANG_DLL=1 -Dunix -DJED  -I/sw/cygwin-7_32/slang-2.3.1-88/include  /sw/src/jed-0.99.20-116/src/buffer.c
>>> I can run them there but not on a Windows 8 64 bit: no (error) message,
>>> nothing happens.
>> In what shell are you running these (Cygwin bash, cmd.exe, etc)?
> Cygwin bash
>> What happens if you use cmd.exe?
> Currently I cannot run cmd.exe, it crashes.
> Maybe there is the problem?
>>> admin@WIN-7T5P92ALEEB:/sw/cygwin-7_32/jed-0.99-20_116/bin: uname -a
>>> CYGWIN_NT-6.3 WIN-7T5P92ALEEB 2.10.0(0.325/5/3) 2018-02-02 15:16 x86_64 Cygwin
>>> admin@WIN-7T5P92ALEEB:/sw/cygwin-7_32/jed-0.99-20_116/bin: ll jed
>>> -rwxr-xr-x  admin    None     480,235 2018-04-10 11:58:59 jed
>>> admin@WIN-7T5P92ALEEB:/sw/cygwin-7_32/jed-0.99-20_116/bin: file jed
>>> jed: PE32 executable (console) Intel 80386, for MS Windows
>>> admin@WIN-7T5P92ALEEB:/sw/cygwin-7_32/jed-0.99-20_116/bin: ldd jed
>>>         ntdll.dll => /cygdrive/c/Windows/SYSTEM32/ntdll.dll (0x7ffe0e520000)
>>>         ??? => ??? (0x77330000)
>>>         wow64.dll => /cygdrive/c/Windows/SYSTEM32/wow64.dll (0x772d0000)
>>>         wow64win.dll => /cygdrive/c/Windows/system32/wow64win.dll (0x77260000)
>>>         wow64cpu.dll => /cygdrive/c/Windows/system32/wow64cpu.dll (0x77320000)
>> No mention of Cygwin in this list so you must have used a non-cygwin
>> tool to build the package.
> No, I have used cygwin gcc, I have no other compilers!
>> Try:
>> cmd /c start cmd
> A windows pops up and immediatelly closes.

Use whatever Windows shortcuts are provided to launch cmd; try as user and as
admin to see if there are differences; or from a Cygwin shell run:

	$ cygstart `cygpath $COMSPEC` /k

as /k keeps the window around so you can see any (error) messages.

To run Cygwin 32 under Windows 64, you have to download and run setup-x86 to set
up the Cygwin 32 registry entries and base environment.

If you add .../cygwin32/bin to your user PATH (after .../cygwin64/bin if you
have that installed) you can then run Cygwin 32 exes from Cygwin 64 or Windows
64 shells.

As stated, this is not recommended, but a number of us probably ran that way for
years, as Cygwin 64 initially lacked a lot of packages available only on Cygwin
32. For a few years now, packages to be released must be built and made
available for both Cygwin 32 and 64 environments.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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