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Re: [Bug] __wait_status_to_int() is expected to be a macro

Am 08.06.2018 um 17:16 schrieb Denis Nikiforov:
/usr/include/boost/process/detail/posix/is_running.hpp:18:1: error:
non-constant condition for static assertion
  static_assert(!WIFEXITED(still_active), "Internal Error");

__wait_status_to_int must be a macros but it's redefined as a function.

It must?  Says who, based on what standard document?

For starters, nobody gets to make any such claims about __wait_status_to_int(), because that's an internal implementation detail of Cygwin. If at all, such a claim might be made about WIFEXITED(), which is a POSIX standard element. But POSIX makes no such requirement, as far as I could see on short examination.

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