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Re: xterm / Windows 10 question

Am 07.06.2018 um 00:33 schrieb Matt Nicholas:
> (I can probably put the "setxkbmap us" command in ".bash_profile", if I
> don't find a more appropriate place.)

If you end up doing this, be sure to check for $DISPLAY being set, only
executing the command if that is the case.

if [ -n "$DISPLAY" ]; then
	setxkbmap us

Else you might see strange errors when logging in via SSH (if you don't
have $DISPLAY set by using ssh -X, for example) or with scripted SSH

(NB: A command like "mesg n", which is found in some distributions'
default .bash_profile files - especially for the root user - should be
wrapped in

if test -t 0; then
	mesg n

for similar reasons).

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur

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