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Re: Cygwin X11 Server slow performance

On 6/5/2018 6:19 PM, Paul Sheer wrote:
20 years ago Linux cult members were using the same
"blame-the-user"-type arguments.

Nothing has changed.

Please refrain from rants.
You paid us nothing and we support you on our free time

I don't need to do ANY analysis or tests to see that the Cygwin and
Mingw X Servers have abhorrent latency problems: you press a key and
you wait 0.25 seconds for the page to render.  That's like the speed
of a page render over 9600 baud terminal.  X Servers were NEVER this
slow even in the 1990s.

We told you we don't have such problem on our machines.
So something is peculiar on your own

Please follow

and provide the cygcheck.out

Please also check if you have any programs reported on
or anything similar installed on your own computer


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