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tmux over ssh problem in Windows console

Hi all,

I'm having problems with running tmux in an ssh session from a Windows console.

When connecting to a Debian testing machine, with tmux 2.7 installed (default
config, just some key bindings changed) using OpenSSH from a Windows console
(cmd.exe, Powershell), tmux doesn't seem to repaint properly, making the
status line to be offset one row up or disappear.

I've tried changing TERM on the remote machine to linux, xterm and screen,
things only get worse.

When using Putty or MinTTY, everything works fine.

When I connect to a Debian stable machine, with tmux 2.3 installed (again,
default config, same key bindings changed), everything works as expected, even
from a Windows console.

Is there a known incompatibility with Cygwin and tmux 2.7 (or > 2.3)?

Thank you,

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