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Re: normal to blue-screen windows when doing 'ls -CF' of /proc/sys/GLOBAL?? (bug? cygcheck attached)

Andrey Repin wrote:
After BSOD, there should be at least aminibump.
You can use http://nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html to examine it.
	Tried it...showed nothing.  Checked sysprops and the small memory dump (256KB)
is enabled -- should have dumped in C:\windows\Minidump, but nothing was

I did try to see the module when the blue screen was up, but
it rebooted too quickly.

Do you perhaps have some misbehaving drivers in your system?
Try clearing up your device manager.

Didn't see anything that stood out, but took the opportunity to remove all the ones that didn't refer to existing HW.

FWIW --- It almost has to be some misconfigured SW -- not any specific
HW, since this windows image did the same thing on my last system.

I had to get a new system and moved over the hard disk - updated needed
drives and I was up (about 4-5 months ago).

Very wierd.  It triggers so fast, and whatever is causing it, likely
happens on a probe by 'ls' before ls even displays any output.

I 'can' go into the same directory and do a "echo *" (or better,
printf "%s\n" *  --- and that doesn't trigger it.

I think I also triggered it once with 'tree'.  Very annoying.

Oh well, I suspected it wouldn't be simple, which is why I just try to
"not do that"...but it had been a while, and thought maybe...


thanks for the ideas all...

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