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Re: Problems with mintty jump list

On 13 May 18 22:04, Thomas Wolff wrote:
Thanks, maybe jumplist-started instances should implicitly inherit AppID.
Probably, yes.  In fact, not just jumplist-started instances, but any instance (also the default one) opened from the task bar icon.

Are you sure --store-taskbar-properties is needed to get the jumplist stable? This would have additional implications, to be checked.
No, I'm not sure at all.  I just added this because the man page told me for AppLaunchCmd: "This is only effective if combined with an AppName option and the command-line option --store-taskbar-properties to make it persistent.".  And I *did* have to add an AppLaunchCmd to the .minttyrc, otherwise the default task bar icon action would open a window without the AppID, but also without a login shell.

- Michael

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