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Re: Problems with mintty jump list

Am 13.05.2018 um 16:37 schrieb Michael Schaap:
On 13 May 18 11:45, Thomas Wolff wrote:
Am 12.05.2018 um 19:15 schrieb Brian Inglis:
On 2018-05-12 06:28, Michael Schaap wrote:
I'm experimenting with the new mintty jump list feature, but I'm having trouble
getting things working.
I've added the following to my .minttyrc:
     TaskCommands=default:-p 100,100;myserver:-p bottom -p right -o
BackgroundColour=255,250,230 -e /usr/bin/ssh -C -Y -o ServerAliveInterval=60
I then started mintty with:
     mintty -o AppID=minttytest
The MinTTY window appeared, with a new icon on the task bar. I pinned that
icon, and closed this new window.
A right click on the taskbar icon now indeed shows two jump list entries:
default and myserver.
But when I click on "default", a MinTTY window does open and runs my shell (which is zsh), but the environment is different than normal: for instance, /usr/bin is not in the $PATH and most commands are therefore not found.  (It's
not running as a login shell?)
Yes, as you most likely want to run a login shell, you should add a bare '-' to the arguments list, like

TaskCommands=default:-p 100,100 -;...

Indeed, that helped.
I was a bit confused about why I needed this here, and not when running MinTTY "normally", but then I saw that the default shortcut also had this argument.

When I close all MinTTY windows, the icon remains on the taskbar (as it should),
but the jump list entries are gone.
What am I doing wrong?
Nothing. I have no idea why this fails, in my testing it worked. On the other hand, the whole jump list showed up on only 2 of 3 test systems and failed on one. Mozilla applications (Thunderbird, Firefox) manage to establish a task list on all of these systems, but their jumplist code looks much more complex. If someone finds out by what cursed Microsoft magic this is further affected, I'd consider an enhancement...

I got things working.  :-)
I noted that the entries disappeared from the list as soon as I clicked on one of them.  I eventually tried adding "-o AppID=..." to the arguments in TaskCommands, and that helped: the entries remained. The only remaining problem was that the entries still disappeared when clicking on "Terminal" (or simply clicking on the pinned taskbar item with no terminal windows open), so I added AppName and AppLaunchCmd options to .minttyrc, and that did the trick.

So, in the end, I added these lines to ~/.minttyrc:

    TaskCommands=default:-o AppID=mymintty -p 1170,605 -;myserver:-o AppID=mymintty -p bottom -p right -o BackgroundColour=255,250,230 -e /usr/bin/ssh -C -Y -o ServerAliveInterval=60 myserver.example.org
    AppLaunchCmd=C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -o AppID=mymintty -

then started MinTTY with this shortcut:

    C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -o AppID=mymintty --store-taskbar-properties -

and pinned it to the taskbar.

Thanks for your help (and for providing the awesome MinTTY in general!),

 – Michael

PS: PuTTY also supports the jump list, both "Recent Sessions" and a couple of fixed "Tasks", this appears to work fine.  I'm sure you're more familiar with the PuTTY source code than that of Mozilla apps, so perhaps it helps to take a look at how PuTTY's doing this?
Thanks, maybe jumplist-started instances should implicitly inherit AppID.
Are you sure --store-taskbar-properties is needed to get the jumplist stable? This would have additional implications, to be checked.

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