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Re: Problems with mintty jump list

Am 12.05.2018 um 19:15 schrieb Brian Inglis:
On 2018-05-12 06:28, Michael Schaap wrote:
I'm experimenting with the new mintty jump list feature, but I'm having trouble
getting things working.
I've added the following to my .minttyrc:
     TaskCommands=default:-p 100,100;myserver:-p bottom -p right -o
BackgroundColour=255,250,230 -e /usr/bin/ssh -C -Y -o ServerAliveInterval=60
I then started mintty with:
     mintty -o AppID=minttytest
The MinTTY window appeared, with a new icon on the task bar.  I pinned that
icon, and closed this new window.
A right click on the taskbar icon now indeed shows two jump list entries:
default and myserver.
But when I click on "default", a MinTTY window does open and runs my shell
(which is zsh), but the environment is different than normal: for instance,
/usr/bin is not in the $PATH and most commands are therefore not found.  (It's
not running as a login shell?)
Yes, as you most likely want to run a login shell, you should add a bare '-' to the arguments list, like

TaskCommands=default:-p 100,100 -;...

When I close all MinTTY windows, the icon remains on the taskbar (as it should),
but the jump list entries are gone.
What am I doing wrong?
Nothing. I have no idea why this fails, in my testing it worked. On the other hand, the whole jump list showed up on only 2 of 3 test systems and failed on one. Mozilla applications (Thunderbird, Firefox) manage to establish a task list on all of these systems, but their jumplist code looks much more complex. If someone finds out by what cursed Microsoft magic this is further affected, I'd consider an enhancement...

Why would you even expect jump lists to be shown on console window icons?
Jump lists show (some) recent items opened by an app thru Explorer shell
interactions, but mintty does not open files dropped from Explorer, just
converts the Windows path to a Cygwin path, and pastes that.
The feature configured by TaskCommands=... is about the "Tasks" section of the jump list, not the "Recent" section.

If you man mintty and search for Taskbar, you can find out more about how you
can preset jump list items for mintty, and the requirements and limitations.
You may also want to search for more info about jump lists on the mintty project
site at https://github.com/mintty/mintty/
He actually configured mintty properly for the jump list (save the missing dash), it's just that the mintty jumplist implementation is not perfect because this is one of the dark areas of incredibly complex and incredibly poorly documented Windows APIs.

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