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Re: Strange disappearing xterm behaviour (recent) - Xwin multi window

On 03/05/2018 19:08, Gulliver Smith wrote:
I have been running a cygwin X server in multi window mode for years,
first supporting xterms running on external boxes, then in a variety
of VirtualBox virtual machines. X is started as follows on both
Windows 10 and Windows 7 boxes.

        /usr/bin/X -multiwindow -listen tcp

I keep Cygwin up-to-date regularly, also my Linux virtual machines and
the windows hosts.

In the last few weeks I am getting new, annoying behavior.

Did the update of something cause this?

Essentially, my X clients, e.g. xterm are no longer visible. A "ps" on
the linux VM shows that they are still running. This happens with
emacs too, and emacsclient calls also do not open windows on the

Is it a change to Cygwin or a change to a Fedora 27 package? Is there a fix?

I don't see any other reports of anything like this.

It might be worth investigating what state the windows which have disappeared are in. Are the X windows in a viewable or notviewable state, according to xwininfo? You could use spy++/winspector/etc to see if a Windows window exists and is hidden or not.

Is this linked to any 'virtual desktop' type software?

Jon Turney
Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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