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Problems with mintty jump list

I'm experimenting with the new mintty jump list feature, but I'm having trouble getting things working.

I've added the following to my .minttyrc:

    TaskCommands=default:-p 100,100;myserver:-p bottom -p right -o BackgroundColour=255,250,230 -e /usr/bin/ssh -C -Y -o ServerAliveInterval=60 myserver.example.org

I then started mintty with:

    mintty -o AppID=minttytest

The MinTTY window appeared, with a new icon on the task bar.  I pinned that icon, and closed this new window. A right click on the taskbar icon now indeed shows two jump list entries: default and myserver.

But when I click on "default", a MinTTY window does open and runs my shell (which is zsh), but the environment is different than normal: for instance, /usr/bin is not in the $PATH and most commands are therefore not found.  (It's not running as a login shell?)

When I close all MinTTY windows, the icon remains on the taskbar (as it should), but the jump list entries are gone.

What am I doing wrong?


 - Michael

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