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RE: License question (Distribution of cygwin1.dll

patrick schmidt sent the following at Monday, May 07, 2018 10:28 AM
>I want to use iPerf3.exe in an commercial projekt. iPerf uses the MIT
>License but needs cygwin1.dll in order to function correctly.
>I need to distribute iperf3.exe in our commercial software, but we cant
>release the source code of this product. We do not modify cygwin1.dll,
>just distribute and the iPerf3.exe is only called as an seperate
>Does cygwin license allow this and if not is there anyone you can
>contact for other licensing options which do not force you to give out
>the source code?

See page and LGPL links:  https://cygwin.com/licensing.html
FAQ: https://cygwin.com/faq.html#faq.using.bundling-cygwin

- Barry
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