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Emacs raise-frame in cygwin x multiwindow mode

A quick search show messages way back from 2004 on this topic from
several different authors including myself.

The problem is that when running Cygwin X in multi window mode,
"raise-frame" calls from emacs clients do not raise windows.

E.g., in a frame I call "(setq f (selected-frame))" then put another
frame on top and run "(raise-frame f)". The frame does not rise.

I'm running "/usr/bin/X -multiwindow -listen tcp" on both Windows 10
and Windows 7 boxes, with emacs 25 in a virtual machine.

There is a proposed patch in
https://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-xfree/2011-08/msg00034.html (7 years

I'm not in a position to compile cygwin X, and the patch probably
isn't relevant to the latest source code in any case.

Is there any news?

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