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Programs become a no-op

I've tried
ssh -V
ssh --help
ssh -v somene@somewhere
and in all cases nothing happens except that I get a new command prompt.  They used to work fine.

I tried reinstalling ssh and libssh2_1.  No help.

I think the problem is more general:
man ssh
man -V
man --help
man man
also all get nothing.

On the other hand, grep, find and date (date might be a shell builtin) all seem to be working fine.

I just updated; it's been at least a week since earlier updates, and it's probably longer than that since I used ssh.

Running under Windows 7, 64 bit (cygwin is 64 bit too). I have local admin rights, used for the install, but did not request them when running cygwin. Symantec EndPoint Protection, though the logs don't seem to show it blocking or quarantining anything.

Any ideas?
Ross Boylan

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