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Cygwin X11 Server slow performance


I am trying to use the Cygwin X11 Server on Windows 64-bit as follows:

      C:\cygwin64\bin>XWin.exe -ac -listen tcp

(Note this is on a private LAN without Internet access.)

The X Server renders perfectly well and my favorite applications do
start up and run.

However performance is extremely slow -- it is slightly too slow to be usable.

For instance I tried some graphical text editors, and a [PageDown]
press take 0.25 seconds to render: Whereas on a commercial X Server
running side-by-side on the same Windows desktop renders in <0.03

I am a bit confused if this is intended this way: i.e. is this just a
demonstration of the capabilities of CygWin, or is it actually being
used by anyone?  I ask because there are no reports of anyone finding
the X Server slow, yet the software has been many years in release.


Kind regards


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