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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] TeX Live 2018

Thank you, Marco!

> > But, upgrading to asymptote-2.44-1 make 'asy' silently crash.
> > 
> silent crash can be due to missing dependency.
> Try
>    cygcheck asy
> and if everthing is right
>    strace asy
> for indications

Checked it on both i686 and x86_64 environments as follows:

$ sh -xc 'uname -srvmpio; cygcheck -c asymptote libOSMesa8; cygcheck asy; strace asy' > asy-`uname -m`.log 2>&1

The logs are attached to this mail.

On each systems, there appeared a dialog telling something like that:

  The procedure entry point 'glBegin' could not be located in the
  dynamic link library 'cygOSMesa-8.dll'



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