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Re: odd behavior(bug?) during run of setup

Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, L A Walsh!
Jon Turney wrote:
Giving the actual error you see, rather than "an error" would be helpful.
        Usually do, but it doesn't copy/paste.  It was a standard
error where it says it is in use or some other error occurred.

You can Ctrl+C standard MsgBox and it'll copy as text.
Just sayin'.
	Didn't look like a standard MsgBox.  The text
wouldn't "select" w/cursor, so didn't appear to respond
to normal text-select & copy methods.

	Seemed more like a window made with a non-standard
UI/widget set -- maybe mingw?  Dunno.  Didn't look like a
normal win32-ui type window.

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