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Re: umask problem: wrong permissions for new files

Greetings, Ulli Horlacher!

> On Fri 2018-04-20 (07:25), Brian Inglis wrote:

>> Cygwin supports Windows ACLs as POSIX ACLs, which are also supported by
>> Linux. Use setfacl to set similar default ACLs (DACLs) on a Linux
>> directory, rerun your test there, and you should see similar results.

> (How) can I completly remove ACLs from the cygwin files and directories?

You CAN, yes.
However, you will lose any way to access the files, as explained below.

> The standard UNIX permissions are sufficent for my needs and much easier
> to handle :-}

"Standard POSIX" permissions are insufficient even for most basic operations.
They survive only because removing them would cause even more harm, than
letting them sit around.

>> *Never* remove DACLs from any Windows directory which will *ever* be used
>> with any non-Cygwin Windows program: /undefined behaviour/ will result.

> Uuups... thanks for the warning!

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, April 27, 2018 11:52:38

Sorry for my terrible english...

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